About Us

We are a national specialized professional company in law and legal advices domain, founded in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia as a result of merging long experience among the Ex Office of Lawyer Yasser Bakr Gazaz Law Firm and Dr. Maher Mohamed Abdulfattah, following to an experience exceeding twenty-six years in the field of law and legal advices.

Our firm was founded per the Ministry of Commerce and Industry’s registration certificate No. 323/12/291 dated the 1st of Muharram 1432 prevailing new vision, though benefiting from extended experience in this domain, taking into consideration the broaden and comprehensive concept in Service offering and legal advisory in different business fields to our valued clients, in which all is done through harnessing all our scientific, materials and technical capabilities, specialized officers and expertise in this field.

Yaser Bakr Gazzaz and Maher Mohammed Abdulfattah legal consultancy and law firm was able to achieve a critical phase of its strategy aiming to establish and expand its presence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the enforcement of a professional company, the integration of the law business and legal advises.

Our vision

Where there is a continuous development of transactions, the need for legal and procedural advice has become an urgent necessity to ensure that the transactions are carried out in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, hence, we seek to be part of the legal system through our service offering and the provision of a legal system that represents a nucleus specialized services in all systems in accordance to the current demands by utilizing unique competencies and expertise.


Our Approach

As a professional law firm, our company is eager to help individuals, companies and investors to maximize their interests and mitigate risks. We seek the righteous wherever it is by spreading the legal culture and contributing to its delivery to all our clients in a clear manner.

Formed in a team spirit, comprises of experienced professionals with long careers in legal domain and scientific training, ensuring that legal advice is provided ensures the desired prevention, and the ability to achieve the best results in case of any dispute arising from certain transaction. We are committed to ensuring the confidentiality and transparency for the sake of building long-term relationships with our valued clients.

Our Objectives

We are keen to provide the pre-legal support, in order to avoid any problems or business violations to the legal rules and regulations that might affect the activities of clients in their various business domains, we are therefore keen to predict the problems that may currently arise and affects in the future, and develop strategies for solutions before they occur to ensure the continuity of business on a regular basis, seamlessly and provide the highest standards in extracting legal solutions.

We are also keen to provide the right service to our valued clients and identify the exact needs of their business interests, which led us to provide the appropriate experience proposing outputs that are compatible with the regulations and in accordance with the highest international practices. Not only that, but we strive to be a professional arm supporting the business by serving our clients in all day-to-day requirements to ensure good ultimate performance without obstacles.

Entrepreneurs have extensive experience in various legal and legislative fields, including commercial or personal business, corporations, litigation, and day-to-day business practices in various government agencies in Saudi Arabia. We are working with a group of lawyers and consultants with competence and expertise to provide comprehensive legal support requirements as to identify their needs with utmost precision, all of this in order to provide the desired and proper outputs to achieve an extreme satisfaction at all levels.

We do also believe that, and following to the system organization completion can’t be achieved unless considering an integrated team is in place, that focuses on analyzing the client needs, through which it is possible to reach sound outputs that match the reality and the requirements of customers.