Our Objectives

We are keen to provide the pre-legal support, in order to avoid any problems or business violations to the legal rules and regulations that might affect the activities

Our Approach

As a professional law firm, our company is eager to help individuals, companies and investors to maximize their interests and mitigate risks

Our vision

Where there is a continuous development of transactions, the need for legal and procedural advice has become an urgent necessity to ensure that the transactions

About Us

We are a national specialized professional company in law and legal advices domain, founded in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia as a result of merging long experience among the Ex Office of Lawyer Yasser Bakr Gazaz Law Firm and Dr. Maher Mohamed Abdulfattah, following to an experience exceeding twenty-six years in the field of law and legal advices.

Our firm was founded per the Ministry of Commerce and Industry’s registration certificate No. 323/12/291 dated the 1st of Muharram 1432 prevailing new vision, though benefiting from extended experience in this domain, taking into consideration the broaden and comprehensive concept in Service offering and legal advisory in different business fields to our valued clients, in which all is done through harnessing all our scientific, materials and technical capabilities, specialized officers and expertise in this field.

Who are our clients






Our clients desires and requirements

Providing our services through a team of partners and consultants who are fully familiar with the business requirements

Ability to communicate and meet with customers periodically to fulfill and address their business concerns

The provision of high level of professional services with excellence

Our abilities and experiences are long and varied


Our Legal Services

Our company possesses the legal competence to the maximum of culture and legal expertise that enables us to prepare, draft and review all types of contracts both locally and internationally.

our company provides its clients with full security in preserving their rights in terms of drafting, protecting and reviewing contracts, through the experience and practical practices

contracts is the source of the safety of enterprises and a key pillar to secure their future in knowing what they have and the rights, duties and obligations.

Where contracts are the most important documents required by enterprises in documenting their dealings with other companies and institutions

We provide all legal services in the suite of commercial laws, all related to the establishment and amendment of companies and commercial entities, procedures for obtaining the necessary permits and approvals, registration processes with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry as well as the General Authority for Investment in projects involving foreign capital as well as procedures for opening branches of companies. In addition to that we provide Legal advices for both creditors and debtors in all matters related to bankruptcy, liquidation and debt rescheduling. Our company’ role shall also include the provision of legal consultancy services in all Commercial Laws aspects.

Among our service offering we also pay special attention to investors and strive to be partners in the success they aim to achieve by investing their funds in the Kingdom, therefore provide all services and legal advices to foreign investors in order to ensure an extreme security of business capital.

On the basis of our Company’ competencies within the field of administrative law and regulations, we strive to provide the best legal and advisory services at both levels individuals and companies in all thereto matters.

Among our offering suite we also provides consultancy services to both workers and employers in reviewing and drafting employment contracts, as well as the organizational bylaws.
And since we are aware of the rules and regulations updates and the practical reality of the labor courts, we are fully qualified to plead in your cases and provide legal advices.

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