Law Firm’s body and structure

Our company has a qualified and professional resources featured with the team spirit that stands to accomplish the transactions of our clients with high accuracy and professionalism that in coherent with their needs and for the two organization’s mutual interest, as a law firm and legal consultants we have a wise vision towards the future and steady pace to become a leading company in the field of legal services provision within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and regionally.

The structure of our organization possesses good sum of lawyers and consultants in multinationals and locals, which were selected at high levels of precaution, where they underwent a significant key performance factor examinations, in the top of that, their expertise in Saudi Arabian laws and regulations application in different domains were measured.

Our team also includes an administrative and financial team that specializes in leading the administrative and financial work and directing it according to the preset criteria to achieve objectives in line with the company’s vision and strategies.