How to estimate our Fees and Charges

We recognize and appreciate that professional fees are a client-driven investment in order to obtain quality and professional services.
Our company has different types of fee estimation that our clients may pick from:

First: An annual legal consultancy contract:

Through this type contracts, the company provides legal advices, drafting and reviewing legal documents for the term of the contract.

Second: Working-hours based Fees:

This type of fee can be determined on the basis of the hours actually rendered and the settlement between the company and the client take place periodically according to the agreement and the value of the hours vary depending on the nature and candidates provided such service.

Third: Representation fees in disputes and conflict cases:

This service, in addition to representing the client before all judicial authorities, includes the preparation of defense memorandums and prosecution, as the case may be, where fees can be determined on the basis of mutual agreement.

Fourth: Specific fees depending on the rendered services

An agreement shall be discussed between the Company and the Client to set a certain amount for a specific service requested from our firm for the benefit of the Client.


Collection of Fees and charges

It is the policy of our company is in collecting our fees is to arrange for 50% down payment of the fees agreed upon by the client at the beginning of the contracted work, provided that the customer be billed by any remaining amounts at a later stage.
Fees provided for services shall not include any expenses or other fees related to work such as travel, accommodation, etc which shall be calculated and paid on the basis of a first class ticket and accommodation in five starts facilities.